From our modern manufacturing premises
we’re currently able to be

Listed Global Plant-Based OEM Platform
of products with NRF and OEM brands
of serving ethnic food experience globally
of existence around the globe

NRF is a global food company for the 22nd century with advanced Manufacturing facilities in key regions around the world to enable us to innovate, Produce and distribute the best products to our customers in a climate friend manner. We seek to be a leading partner of multinational brands and supermarkets.

Company Advantage

NRF Focus is on building competitiveness and cross selling opportunities

From No. 1 in Asean

To No.1 Globally

NRF Strengths

Strong existence across the globe targeting all ranges of customers, from small start-ups to mass production

Pioneer of plant-based products with strong future trends

Highly dynamic product innovation (R&D)

professional in-house R&D with over 300 new product development annually for ethnic food products

Sustainable business (environmental, social, and governance)

Strong performance in M&A transactions

Increasing production capability with city food and Brecks, obtaining rights to produce (ROFR) with V-shapes and Fluid energy, and active funding for startups

Financial Highlights

Financial Highlights

SET Announcements

Financial Statement
15 May 2024
Financial Statement Quarter 1/2024 (Reviewed)
Company Disclosure
17 May 2024
Changing of Chief Accountant

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