Food and non-food products in V-Shapes packaging


of YE2020 Operating Revenues

Distribution of Alcohol gel products with other food and non-food products in pipelines

What are functional products?

Innovative single-serve packaging that only requires one hand to open, patented by “V-shapes”

V-shapes Key Application


Examples: Honey, Chocolate, Jam , Sauces


Examples: Moisturizer, Serum, Sunscreen


Examples: Liquid and powder medicines, supplement


Examples: Alcohol Gel, Glue

V-shapes Machinery

NRF Branded Product:

SDB Alcohol Gel

Business Model:

Trading (Imported from Italy)

Future Plans:

own machine and expand product mix to functional food products such as Vitamin Shot


Eco-sustainable Packaging
using 80% bio-based materials that are recyclable
Convenient and User-friendly
Single use, easy to open and carry
Highly Customizable
V-shapes machines can produce in various sizes designs and types of products

Functional Products Brands