Anti-Corruption Policy

NR Instant Produce Public Company Limited will operate its business with high regards of anti-corruption and adhere to morals, ethics, and manage with transparency and responsibility to all stakeholders

Therefore, the Company has established a policy on anti-corruption as a guideline for implementation as follows

  • Directors, executives and employees will not act or support fraud or corruption in any case.
  • Create a corporate culture of integrity and adherence to fairness.
  • Provide communication to employees within the organization. To encourage employees to be honest in their duties.
  • Create a personnel management process that reflects anti-corruption and corruption since the selection process, performance appraisal, reward and promotion

The Board of Directors and executives will be the leaders and example in the implementation of the prevention and control policy. anti corruption as well as promoting a culture of good corporate governance.

  • Anti-fraud and Corruption Policy Download
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  • Cooperation Request Letter to acknowledge the anti-fraud and corruption policy Download
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  • Anti-fraud and Corruption Guideline Download
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