NRF and Department of Livestock Development Collaborate to Provide 'Sabzu' to Chonburi Women Correctional Institution

29 September 2023

NR Instant Produce Public Company Limited, or NRF, extended their kindness to the Chonburi Women Correctional Institution by uplifting the spirits of more than 1,500 female inmates. In a heartfelt gesture, the company's employee representatives traveled to provide "Sabzu" and other affiliated products, allowing th\e inmates to prepare and enjoy delicious meals. This generous initiative was wholeheartedly embraced by the staff, who received the donations with gratitude, particularly by the prisoners who sought encouragement and support during their challenging times behind bars.

Furthermore, this activity aligns with NRF's commitment to building a stronger society, fostering the reintegration of inmates into the community. NRF, in collaboration with the Department of Livestock Development, would like to expresses our heartfelt appreciation to all those who participated in this initiative and offered support to the inmates at Chonburi Correctional Institution. We firmly believe that sharing kindness within society, promoting community engagement, preserving and enhancing the environment, and upholding a positive culture are integral components of Thailand's sustainable development journey.