NRF contributed to the community through “Food for Future Generation Project”

09 January 2023

NR Instant Produce Public Company Limited (NRF) continues the “Food for Future Generation Project” with the intention of helping people to be “full, tasty, and happy.” During this time, NRF had the chance to interact with patients while working with a team of medical professionals from Khae Rai Tambon Health Promoting Hospital by providing survival bags to patients who receive treatment and follow up on their symptoms with the hospital's doctors. Survival bags from NRF contain “Por Khwan Instant Curry Paste,” “Sriracha Chili Sauce,” “Saab Su Brand,” bags of rice, and dry foods that are nutritious. Consumable goods that are essential for patients are also included in survival bags.

Additionally, NRF had joined a team of doctors and nurses to assist clinic patients and home-visit patients who were bedridden and in need of intimate care.