NRPT launched "Wicked Kitchen," a well-known plant-based food brand from the United Kingdom, in Thailand. Exclusively available at Tops.

14 November 2022

"NRPT," a developer and distributor of plant-based products, partnered with "Tops," the No. 1 Thai food retailer, to introduce "Wicked Kitchen," a famous plant-based food brand from the UK, for the first time in Asia, exclusively available at 50 Tops and Tops Food Hall nationwide and via Tops online. 17 new products were introduced at the start of the launch, including frozen ready meals and desserts. Ice cream and frozen pizza will be offered in the first few days of December. The number of products will be increased to 30 in early next year to accommodate the needs of contemporary consumers who care about their health, aiming to be a role model for sustainable and environmentally friendly living.

Mr. Stefan Koom, Chief Executive Officer of Central Food Retail Company Limited, said "Tops," as the leader in food retail in Thailand, focuses on creating the best experience every day according to the concept of ‘Every Day DISCOVERY’ and meet all the needs of customers, which change at every moment. ‘Paying more attention to health care’, reducing meat consumption and replacing it with plant-based meats that are better for the environment and personal health, was discovered to be the current consumer trend. As a result, plant-based products became more popular in Thailand. At the same time, it was observed that Plant Base products were becoming more and more popular with Tops' customers. One of the factors is that Tops offers a variety of tasty plant-based foods, making it simple for customers to consume products. Thus, Tops has observed a trend of rising demand for plant-based products as a result of such positive feedback. Additionally, to highlight the genuine skill in choosing high-quality goods from the greatest production facilities worldwide, Tops frequently imports well-known products from other nations to give clients more options. Recently, Tops partnered with NRPT, the leader in plant-based food innovation and food of the future, which is a joint venture between Innobic (Asia) and NRF, introduced "Wicked Kitchen," a famous plant-based food brand from the UK for the first time in Asia, exclusively available at 50 Tops and Tops Food Hall nationwide and via Tops online. This enables Tops customers to select from a range of new plant-based products. Eating plant-based cuisine becomes a novel experience as a result. Furthermore, the market for plant-based products in Thailand will rise as a result of the increased customer base.

Mr. Pete Sperensar, Chief Executive Officer of Wicked Kitchen said: “The company is very pleased to enter the market in Asia. It has partnered with "Tops," a leader in the food retail business, for the first time in Thailand, and intends to revolutionize the plant protein food industry with business partners such as NRPT and Innobic. It will help strengthen and inspire Thai consumers to understand the importance of eating plant-based protein foods that are not just for consumption but also helping to create sustainability for the world for the next generation.”

Mr. Dan Pathomvanich, Chief Executive Officer of NR Instant Produce Public Company Limited (NRF) and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nov Foods Company Limited said: “Wicked Kitchen is a best-selling plant-based food brand from England, and is also sold in leading retail stores in the United States and Finland. With outstanding in its unique taste, we want people to share this experience together, We plan to expand the distribution of products in Thailand and Asia. The launch of Wicked Kitchen in Thailand was through ‘Tops’, the leader in the food business group in Central Retail Group, with a vision that we have always strived to use food to combat global warming combined with the trend of consumers who are becoming more interested in health and the environment. The Wicked Kitchen brand is a 100% plant-based food that meets the lifestyle of people today. There are also a variety of products sold at the start that cater to people of all ages. To support people's lifestyles, such as ready-to-cook menus, pizza, desserts, and ice cream that have been meticulously created.”

Dr. Buranin Rattanasombat, Chief New Business and Infrastructure Officer of PTT Public Company Limited and Chairman of the Board of Innobic (Asia) Co., Ltd. said: “With a commitment to continuing and building an ecosystem to develop its nutritional business, NRPT, a joint venture between Innobic (Asia) and NRF, has not ceased to strengthen its partners. By launching Wicked Kitchen, it is another collaboration with expert partners in the global plant protein production business from England that helps enhance food research and development knowledge in the future. Fulfill all the needs of modern Thai consumers, who are paying more attention to their health. It also extends the model of sustainable and environmentally friendly living for Thailand.  The launch of Wicked Kitchen has also joined hands with "Tops," the leader of the food retail businesses in Thailand with branches across the country. There are a variety of distribution channels, both offline and online. This gives consumers access to Wicked Kitchen products and adds even more plant-based protein food options.”