‘NRPT’, a Joint Venture Company of NRF and Joins Hands with ‘OR’ to develop a Plant-based Business through Retail Businesses and Gas Stations. Push The Food of the Future to fulfil consumer needs

29 September 2022

28 August 2022 - NRPT Company Limited (NRPT) and Innobic (Asia) Co., Ltd. signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with PTT Oil and Retail Business Company Limited to study the possibility of developing a plant-based protein business and food of the future. By focussing on developing products and retailer business models for plant-based food retailers that are suitable for OR's retail stores and gas stations. To fulfil all the needs of consumers, making Thai people convenient and have options to consume food that are beneficial to both health and the environment.

Mr. Dan Pathomvanich, Chief Executive Officer of NR Instant Produce Public Company Limited (NRF) and Director of NRPT Company Limited, said that with a commitment to using food to combat global warming, protein foods and plant-based alternatives are the main strategy with the process and production process with 1 in 10 carbon emissions, which is less compared to livestock production. It also has a healthy effect, in line with the trend of consumers starting to recruit and select foods that are beneficial to health and the body, furthermore, the food must also have a positive effect on the world.

In addition, the goal is to continue to develop and expand alternative foods to reach more consumers. At present, there is ‘alt.Eatery model branch’ in Sukhumvit 51 area. According to the branch expansion plan, NRPT and Innobic have a partner who is a retail leader which is confident in the expertise to combine to drive plant-based food that has a taste and feels that is similar to meat. In the future, Plant-Based may not only be an alternative food, but it will also be a healthy food and food for a sustainable world.

This collaboration will develop a business model of retail stores and Plant-based menus. This time, a special menu ‘Plan Base Red Pork Bread’ will be sold at Cafe Amazon this year and opened a pilot flagship store in the gas station of ‘OR’ at the Vibhavadi Rangsit branch in 2023.

Ms. Jiraporn Khaosawat, Chief Executive Officer and President of PTT Oil and Retail Public Company Limited (OR) said that OR operates under the vision of ‘Empowering All Toward Inclusive Growth’ by focussing on seeking new opportunities to operate the business, innovate and develop the quality of products and services, as well as strengthening small entrepreneurs to meet the current way of life of consumers. One of OR's missions is to create a complete lifestyle option to meet all lifestyles and fulfil all consumer needs. Currently, non-meat foods are becoming more popular, both due to the fact that many consumers turn to focus on eating healthier food, reducing meat consumption, as well as people who eat vegetarians which tend to increase. The partnership with Innobic and NRPT to develop ‘alt.Eatery’s’ model to optimise its expansion in PTT Station and commercial areas will enhance new dining options for consumers to have more convenient access to plant-based food. As well as attracting new consumers to use the service in PTT Station or OR commercial space. It will start from the flagship area in the new generation community area and expand to other areas in the future.  It’s also an opportunity to develop a plant-based menu for OR’s affiliated restaurants as well as an opportunity to continue doing business together in other ways related to the Plant-based Business.

Dr. Buranin Rattanasombat, Executive Vice President, Innovation and New Business, PTT Company Public Company Limited and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Innobic (Asia) Co., Ltd. said that Innobic (Asia) has continued to expand its nutritional business and integrated plant protein food to meet the needs of the food industry of the future through NRPT, a model retail and restaurant business for a Plant-based Business, under the name ‘alt.Eatery’, and invested in the construction of 3,000 tons of plant protein per year in Thailand together with business partners from England. The trend in health care and the ageing society that needs plant-based as an alternative for those who want nutritional care, including consumers who focus on the environment and reduce global warming from livestock, is causing higher demand for plant-based products.

The collaboration between ‘NRPT’, a developer and distributor of plant protein products, and ‘OR’, a retail business specialist at gas stations, this time has an important goal to develop and expand the retail business of plant protein foods. Bring the ability and expertise of partners to fulfil the needs of health-conscious consumers and be ready to create a good experience for consumers. This is considered to improve the quality of life of Thai people and create a sustainable society according to the intention that both organisations set.

Alt Brand offers products that use plant protein to replace meat, which is beneficial to both health and the environment, as research has shown that plant-based food production processes can help reduce global warming from livestock by up to 30%. In addition, NRPT has continuously improved the quality of plant protein products by bringing technology to improve the taste, texture, and appearance to be as delicious as meat, high-protein but low-fat, nutritious, and able to be eaten every day. It will meet the lifestyle of modern consumers who care about their health and the environment. It is also fully equipped with a variety of plant-based dishes selected by Thai entrepreneurs, aiming to be a model for sustainable and environmentally friendly living.