Root The Future Launched A Campaign Video to Remind People In Thailand About the Climate Crisis

10 March 2021

In September 2020, we were surprised by a clock in Union Square that shows how much time we have left to save the Earth from the climate crisis. Today, the clock shows we have about 6 years and 300 days left to save the planet.

Recently, Root The Future, Bangkok-based vegan media, launched a campaign video in partnership with VGI Public Company Limited, an Offline-to-Online (O2O) Marketing Solutions provider, to promote the Climate Clock and raise awareness about the climate crisis in Thailand.

Thanks to VGI, Root the Future now has a huge platform to spread the message for the next 2 months, on 52 trains, over more than 1,200 screens. The campaign video is sponsored by Atha Lifestyle, NRF Thailand, Nove Foods, and Bambooyst.

The video was narrated by a young boy asking at the beginning of the video, “what would you do if we only had 6 years left to save my future?” it was such a huge slap in the face for all of us concerning the impact of climate change is not going to affect the old generations directly, but the younger ones. The Climate Clock countdown is the proof.

They wrote in the caption, “First New York City, now Bangkok; we are bringing the most important number in the world to Thailand. This number tells us how long we have left if we do nothing until irreversible damage is done to our planet and catastrophic climate breakdown will begin to snowball.”

Many people from older generations don’t realize that the worst impact of climate change will happen in the era of their children and grandchildren. Sadly, this fact is often ignored. The Guardian predicted the world in 2050, “The world in 2050 is more hostile and less fertile, more crowded and less diverse.

Compared with 2019, there are more trees, but fewer forests, more concrete, but less stability. The rich have retreated into air-conditioned sanctums behind ever higher walls. The poor – and what is left of other species – is left exposed to the ever harsher elements. Everyone is affected by rising prices, conflict, stress, and depression.”

Everyone is affected by rising prices, conflict, stress, and depression–it’s more than just about natural catastrophe. By 2050, the global population is projected to rise to 9.7 billion, which means there will be many more people to feed. Even so, the climate condition then will also be a lot worse. Crops will fail, then starvation will come, violence rate will rise in order to survive.

A video launched by Root the Future is, again, a reminder for all of us. The danger is haunting our children and grandchildren; the least thing you can do about it is to help spread the message and raise awareness about the threat we are facing.